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Proudly served some of the most famous and influential brands worldwide.

Our full-service agency stands next to the people who trust it the most. This is our priority.
It is always a pleasure to offer our knowledge and help to our clients, when they are in need. We’re a diverse technical and creative team ready to cover every digital corner. Our talent helps the brands to soar and always puts a smile in our clients’ face. Take a look at our portfolio.

Case Studies

We take on challenging projects

For over 13 years, Lightblack has been helping several companies and established brands to build solid software foundations for their businesses.  We are well aware of the needs of the modern digital world and our specialty is serving the best of services. Through our multi year experience, we managed to create a strong and a valuable clientele full of companies and organizations that needed our help on different projects.

Whether large or small, we make sure to serve every company the same way, without making exceptions. The reason we do that, is because we strongly believe that every client deserves to be treated the same. Each and every company has the ability to reach its vision and accomplish its mission, through the right guidance.

What we can guarantee, is that we will never leave you during hardships and we will continue to support you and your dream even after our collaboration has practically ended. We believe in our people and we have faith that they can achieve their goals. All we ask for them is to give us a chance and we will prove our talent. Our powerful skills can lead the way to a successful establishment in the modern marketplace. 

Check out below some of our clients who are included in our clientele and have collaborated with us over the years.  Gaining someone’s trust is not an easy job and it requires a lot of work. Thus, we do our best and we work our magic so we can make our people feel safe with us.