Challenging the Ordinary

Digitalizing brands one at a time

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

Custom Web App, Web Design & Development

Create an attractive professional presentational website to promote the institute and its programs

Design and implement an electronic library database with online books reservation functionality

Design and implement a mobile app for the students to gain quick and easy access to both academic and  admission data and receive instant notifications

Create an online shop according to the brand’s standards

Implement custom modules to allow the company to present products and promotions in certain ways

Vassos Eliades Ltd - Nespresso Brand

e-Commerce, Custom Development, Integration

Karma Developers

Digital Marketing

Design and create new social media posts based on company’s high standards and guidelines

Monthly properties photo shooting

Create an attractive presentational website to promote the brand

Design and implement an e-Commerce solution to be used by the company’s consultants in a kind of a B2B model

One2One Diet Cyprus

Website Development / eCommerce / Custom Web App

Trust Insurance Cyprus

Website Design & Development

Design and create new social media posts based on company’s high standards and guidelines

Add all the company’s data so that a user can find any information related to the service provided

Custom Web App

Case Study - CIM


Case Study - Nespresso

Digital Marketing

Case Study - Karma

Website Design & Development

Case Study - Trust Insurance Cyprus

Website Development / eCommerce / Custom Web App

Case Study - One2One Diet Cyprus


Embracing New Challenges

For over 13 years, Lightblack has been helping several companies and established brands to build solid software foundations for their businesses. Helping our clients to achieve their goals, is our main purpose. Web Designing is our specialty and Digital Marketing is our strong point. We got you.

Web Designing
Web Designing
Web Designing
Web Designing


We are a Helping Hand

Our clients trust us to help them create mission critical software solutions. We build long lasting collaborations. We are who we are, always aiming for perfection through our web designing skills. 

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We Have Your Back

Pushing the limits, challenging the ordinary and, of course, web designing: that’s what we do. We cover a large range of creative digital projects, platforms, and campaigns, so we can create experiences. Long story short, we do what we have to do in order to keep our clients happy.


Digital Strategy
Content Strategy
Data Analysis
Social Media Campaigns
Google Campaigns


Design Direction
Creative Concepts & Ideas
Branding & Identity
Web and Mobile UI
App Design
Wireframing & Prototyping


Portals & Customization
Creative Front & Back End
Websites & Web Applications
Native Mobile Applications

LightBlack response to COVID-19

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