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According to the Greek Mythology, Hephaestus, the god of fire and craftsmanship, was always using his power and wisdom to protect and help those in need. 

Following that idea of actively contributing to society, LightBlack has decided to start project Hephaestus to help those in need, by offering our services for free! 

By designing, delivering and hosting up to 1 website every 3 months, Project Hephaestus enables small organisations to gain a dynamic online presence at no cost and allows them to stay focus on their mission of improving our society. 

The cost must be up to €2000 and the annual fees are €250 per project. For the first year, the annual fees are paid from LightBlack Solutions Ltd.

The selection process is done under specific terms and conditions. 

Who is it for?

Project Hephaestus is targeting non profitable organisations dedicated to give back to society by helping other people, the animals or our planet or by innovating in the fields of technology, health, education etc.

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Follow seven birds on their epic migration and uncover the dangers they face along the way.

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