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one 2 one Project


The One2One Diet, originally known as The Cambridge Diet, was launched in the UK in 1984 and has helped thousands of people worldwide lose weight and live healthier, happier lives. The One2One Diet is a Direct Selling business. That means there is a network of Consultants across Cyprus who work one-to-one with dieters.

The One2One diet Cyprus chose Lightblack as their web design and development partner for this case study. 


The initial objectives were:

  • Create an attractive and beautiful  website to promote the brand
  • Design and implement an e-Commerce solution to be used by the company’s consultants in a kind of a B2B model
  • Design and implement a web-based tool to help the company’s consultants record their customers’ data, the company’s customers view and monitor their progress and the administrator monitor the operations
  • Hosting installation and maintenance with the maximum percentage of availability

The Challenge

The project had many initial challenges:

  • A unique and also fun design provided by the brand had to be converted to a web-page
  • A user-login B2B e-Commerce solution had to be implemented with a simple and easy to use interface for quick ordering 
  • The e-Commerce platform should be integrated with the company’s custom rewards system and with the company’s EPR system
  • The consultant’s/customer’s portal should be simple yet powerful and old company’s data should be migrated under the new platform

The Solution

Initially, in this case study, we converted the designs into web elements and then using the WordPress CMS platform we created to website. A custom plugin was created to deliver some of the customization required.

WooCommerce plugin for WordPress was then used to provide the commerce functionality, and the brands products, descriptions and prices were added into the system. A custom plugin was then added to enable the synchronization of the products, stock and orders with the company’s ERP system.

The company’s custom-developed rewards system was installed, configured and tested according to the needs.

 The world-leading PHP framework Symfony developed the consultant’s/customer’s portal from scratchand a bootstrap theme.

The Result

Because the project of One2One Diet coincided with the re-branding of the service, the website played a vital role. Furthermore, the B2B eCommerce helped get the orders easier and quicker, and the consultants are now instantly rewarded for their spenditure. 

The portal became an important tool for both the consultant and the administration. So important that there is constantly active development on it.