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The Most Remarkable Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

We are four months away from this year’s disclosure and everyone would agree that many changes have occurred during this period of time. As it was expected, digital marketing has evolved, re-shaped and it seems to be more powerful than it ever was. Worldwide brands are in a constant research, trying to find the most efficient ways to expand their sales and engage with their audience, with the technological tools that are available out there. In this article, we are about to discover the most remarkable and productive digital marketing trends of 2022 and how beneficial they can be for anyone’s company.

Social Media Stories

Sharing your daily moments or uploading short videos that advertise your work in a creative way on your social media stories, tend to offer you a variety of advantages! Let’s find them out.

  • The establishment of your brand’s authenticity is only guaranteed! Giving your followers just a little glimpse of what is going on in your office or showing them that you can be alternative, would only make them believe that they’re dealing with a unique and humane brand. What potential clients hate the most are the brands that make it too obvious that they only care about profits.
  • Younger generations were “born and raised” with social media, as an integrated part of their daily lives. Thus, the opportunities to reach out to that young audience are raising even more, through posted social media stories Also, young people are the future so talking to them, could only be beneficial for you and your brand.

Google Ads Smart Bidding

The never-ending competition of brands and businesses to score a higher ranking on google search results, is more obvious than ever. That’s why paid advertisements are considered to be the trusted digital marketing trend in 2022, especially along with the key feature of “smart bidding”. Long story short, advertisers can now rely on Google’s AI system to optimize their budget and make sure that their gains are higher than their costs. Here are the detailed advantages:

  • Your performance controls can get more flexible, because what’s more powerful than a google machine with a purpose of serving you simply the best? Adjustment, comparison and monitor are at their finest, just so you can enjoy the maximum rewards of your paid ads.
  • Transparency is also vital for a brand’s reliability. Your performance reporting through Google’s AI system couldn’t be more transparent. At any given time, you have access to what is going on and how well your advertisement is performing. So there’s no worry that something could go wrong and you’d stay unaware of it!

Interactive Content

This is the kind of content where your audience doesn’t passively receive the information from you, but instead they get to participate and interact with that content.

  • Creating this certain content, not only makes it more entertaining for your followers to find out more about your products and services, but also helps them to absorb the information much easier.
  • Furthermore, by asking the right questions, you might as well receive the answers you seek. This is the kind of content that gives you the chance to learn more about your clients’ preferences or if they have any complaints, related to your products/services. Determining success was never easier!

Shoppable Content

Guiding your followers/clients to a buyout portal where they can purchase any of your services, is what we call shoppable content. Any picture, video or article that includes a direct link to that portal, offers a range of benefits to you.

  • The number of digital buyers in 2021 was estimated to be at 2.14 billion. This is something you should consider, in order to take advantage of the online shoppers and increase your sales.
  • Different social media platforms have introduced some features where they can lead your audience easily to your buyout portal. Using these features guides your followers easily with just a few taps, on your products.

While all these might sound Greek to you, well for us it’s only our mother tongue (haha). We are here to help you and your brand to thrive, in this challenging digital marketplace, by applying all the latest digital marketing trends. Nothing’s too challenging for LightBlack, because challenge is what we embrace!  A company always needs to be up to date, in order to stay ahead of the competition and always make the finest impression to its followers. Let us do the hard work, so you can enjoy the magic results!

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