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Tell Them A Story And Win Their Hearts

Let me tell you a short story.

On the day of my 23rd birthday, I organized a party and planned out every tiny detail, so nothing would go wrong. However, when I decided to try on my celebration outfit, a couple of days before the actual party, I realized that my pants were ruined. At first, I panicked since I didn’t know what to do. I had so little time to come up with an alternative. Soon enough, I discovered the e-store of Piazza Italia. Not only did I replace my pants with another pair but I also decided to change my whole outfit. Why? Because nothing beats the Italian finesse. Needless to say that the party I threw was a blast!

In my case, the story is fictional but it sounds realistic enough, doesn’t it? This is how the power of storytelling, during caption writing, can engage your fanbase (aka clients).

So what’s the process?

People tend to underestimate the power of words. What they don’t realize is that a smart text is all you need to convince someone to take action.

Become a Storyteller…

When you’re searching online, you will find yourself surrounded by an unlimited amount of information. Just think of a daily problem that you would like to find a solution to. Maybe you’re looking for some lovely outfits for this new season. Maybe you’re thinking of how you can provide high-quality water to your household. Or maybe you’re just looking for a lovely place to enjoy traditional Cypriot dishes on a Friday night with your friends.

Whatever it is that you are searching for, one thing is for sure: The brand that will speak to your heart is the one which will most likely convince you to buy its products/services. Every brand is like a human being with a unique personality. The way a brand communicates can make a huge impact on its own sales.

In order to achieve the desired communication between the brand and its audience, the captions should be written in perfection. What the visuals can’t say is what the captions must do. Emojis, for example, are usually used inside the caption to give a playful twist to your text and help the brand to appeal better to the feelings of its audience. The technique of storytelling, though, is what tends to hook someone’s interest.

Reasons Why Storytelling Is Important

  1. It fosters an emotional connection with your audience
  2. It expresses your brand’s core mission and values
  3. It captivates the user’s attention 

And What About the Visuals?

No caption is powerful enough without the existence of a visual, and vice versa.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But when a text comes along, the picture’s worth grows to 1005 words and delivers a clear message!

When a powerful text and a creative visual join their forces for the sake of a brand, then everything is possible.  

Optimizing the information, successfully, without writing any words is a graphic designer’s main job. However, a text is just as important since it can amplify and clearly deliver a strong message to every user.

Writing captions isn’t an easy task, nevertheless. Sharp pencils require sharp minds as well. Be witty and smart and discover alternative ways to capture your audience’s attention. The role of a copywriter isn’t just limited to fixing grammar or spelling mistakes. It’s about inspiring, leading people to take action, and enriching the whole digital journey. This is what we do!

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