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Ronald Mcdonald House Charities Project

Custom Web App


Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is a worldwide, non-profit organization, aiming to bring families together during hard times.  Despite the fact that RMHC is supported by McDonald’s™, its main purpose is to help the parents stay close to their children, when they’re undergoing a medical recovery.   

RMHC® Cyprus was officially launched in 2014 and ever since it’s trying to do its best to makes its visions come true.  The first project was completed in 2014. It was the creation of a pediatric clinic for children with heart disease at the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital in Nicosia. For its second project,  RMHC® Cyprus worked hard to deliver the Ronald McDonald House®, opposite Archbishop Makarios III Hospital.  Within this house, families have the opportunity to be staying rent-free, close to their loved ones.   


The initial objectives were: 

  • Create a user-friendly booking system for the organization’s website, so that future visitors could make their applications easily.   
  • Help the Ronald McDonald House Charities® Cyprus  to complete its second project without any charge, by offering our technical help.   

The Challenge

Taking into consideration that RMHC® Cyprus is a non-profit organization with earnings nothing but the donations it receives, we had to do our best, in order to help it achieve its goals.   

The main challenge for us was to deliver the booking system in a month period of time, due to the fact that the organization was in need to complete its work as soon as possible.   

The Solution

What we managed to do was to create a custom web application that fits the needs of the organization.  Our booking system is here to help the people who need RMHC’s assistance, as we made sure to avoid any possible mistakes on the way.

The Result

The outcome was indeed incredible.  Delivered on time, the booking system is functional and now works flawlessly.  Families can be united during the hardships, by going through the process of booking their stay in one of the friendly RMHC’s buildings.