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An e-Commerce Website is the Answer to your Prayers

Common Marketplace vs Independent e-Commerce Website

  • When someone purchases any of your provisions in a common marketplace, you don’t have the ability to look at any of their contact details.  In contrast, an e-commerce website that only belongs to you, allows you to have a look at your clients’ email address, as well as at other details, such as how much they spent on your products.  Having these info in your hands, helps you to promote your work and market yourself directly to your visitors.
  • Within a wide known marketplace, you will encounter many limitations that you might find annoying.  For example, the number of words that you can type is limited, as well as the usage of your logo might be forbidden.  With an e-commerce website of your own, though, you can strengthen your brand, due to the reason that you can control how you project yourself.  By doing that, customers will now realize that you’re not just an integrating part of a large marketplace, but you can independently exist.  This is the way that leads to bigger brand awareness.
  • Using another marketplace can also limit your creativity.  When you have an e-commerce website, you get the chance to run original marketing campaigns, in order to promote your work.  Driving traffic to your website through SEO might seem challenging, but it is also fun.  It’s a way to prove to the people out there that your work is worthy.  E-commerce businesses can customize their marketing strategy to fit their audiences and their specific shopping preferences.
  • A marketplace appears to be suitable for providing services and products, without really caring about the buyers.  On the other hand, an e-commerce website that you run, helps you understand both your customers’ needs and wants.  In addition, you can learn information about where those who didn’t end up making a purchase fell off.

Overall, you can understand the power that an e-Commerce website hides, by letting its magic help you out.  LightBlack has been specializing in creating e-Commerce Websites for over a decade now.  With all the knowledge of the latest technologies, our experienced team leads the way for your business’ success. Give us the chance to show you our possibilities and you will experience the magnificent results. 


I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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