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A Month Dedicated To Cybersecurity

Who would have thought that 18 years ago, the internet would be so complicated as it is today. In 2004, the president of the USA, along with the Congress have declared October to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  Now that the majority of the world is actively internet surfing, cybersecurity is considered to be more valuable than ever. Thus, every online user has to follow a variety of tips in order to keep themselves safe.

Definition Of The Term

First things first, cybersecurity is the practice of protecting and defending the different devices which have access to the internet (e.g. mobile phones and desktop computers), from malicious attacks. From data loss to digital theft, everything can be a real dangerous threat for your own safety. With the scale of this cyber threat set to continue to rise, it is now considered vital to maintain a safe digital journey, for every individual and company out there.

Tips To Maintain Your Safety

There are some simple but nevertheless important tips that every user should be able to follow if they wish to keep themselves (and their data) safe:

First of all, every time you are about to create a new account, on any digital platform, you should make sure that your password is strong enough and not so common, so you can make it impossible for hackers to invade your personal information.  Furthermore, even if it may sound obvious you should be really careful on every link and advertisement that pops up on your screen.  There are dozens of ways to camouflage a virus, in order to attack and find a potential victim! Last but definitely not least, updating your software whenever that’s required, it is also a very vital move.

The Importance Of Cybersecurity

October is now coming to an end and we would like to emphasize, once again, the priority that it’s given to the safety of the websites we develop. Our prime concern is to make the journey of our clients as safe as possible and worry-free. On top of that, we also provide the after-sales service, in case something goes wrong and it’s required to offer our further support. Whether you are a person who runs a company on his own, or a huge brand name with multiple employees, you have every right to protect yourself and all the sensitive information of your colleagues! Our trusted websites know the way.

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