With over 65 million websites and blogs created on WordPress and big companies like CNN using it, it does not come as a surprise that marketers and developers alike recommend it to their colleagues and clients.
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Why WordPress?

With over 65 million websites and blogs created on WordPress and big companies like CNN using it, it does not come as a surprise that marketers and developers alike recommend it to their colleagues and clients.

The WordPress platform is known to have a myriad of benefits as it holds a passionate community behind it, and developers are quickly expanding its selection of themes, layouts, and plugins to allow it to accommodate any website need or purpose.

While most of the WordPress plugins are used as blogging platforms, it can fit any organization or business from an e-commerce store to a social networking community.

Whether you are starting your company, learning how to improve your online presence or have had an ‘unsatisfactory’ site for some time, you might have heard of WordPress, wondering what it is and how it works for businesses.

WordPress, in simple words, is a publishing platform used for constructing blogs and websites. It allows for a uniquely customizable consumer interface, powering tens of millions of websites around the world, with lots of massive manufacturers like New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, PlayStation, and CNN using WordPress.

Every website, big or small, requires a good content management system. When designing a website, you want the best digital publishing system available. There are various platforms out there which you could use. However, WordPress still ranks as the best for website design.

Many expert studies indicate that over 29 percent of websites worldwide use WordPress, with the numbers increasing on a daily basis. It has greatly evolved from just being a blogging platform to an efficient content management system. So, why should anyone use WordPress for website design? Here is a list of some reasons that might convince you.


WordPress was launched in 2003 when no one had the basic idea about CMS or a blogging site. While it may have started off as a tool for bloggers, it quickly grew to become the first go-to platform for everyone from business owners to programmers with little to no tech experience. Almost 500 new websites are created every day using WordPress.

The longevity of WordPress means it is going to be around for a more extended period. You don’t get the same confidence with some of the latest CMS platforms sprouting up; they struggle to attract a large consumer base, and either many get acquired by a competitor or shut down entirely. Consequently, it leaves you nowhere, or probably in a bad spot, if you’re using it.


It is almost every site owner’s dream to rank higher on search engines. WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly since you can download WordPress to enhance this function and improve your domain’s optimization.

By using WordPress, your website becomes very attractive to search engines. The main reason being, the platform is written using simple compliance and high standard clean codes. Thus, it contains the ability to produce semantic markups.

The responsive and highly logical design make search engines have a certain preference for WordPress. The platform gives each page and posts unique Meta tag keywords, allowing for more precise search optimization.


While the customization options and available plugins can be overwhelming, there are many places and areas to reach out to for help – one of the best things about WordPress being the number of people using it. WordPress is a host to a hefty community forum that is moderated by employees and WordPress fanatics alike. If your answer can’t be found in the forum, you can formulate your inquiries.


WordPress had a wide range of functionality-augmenting plugins that are available. Each theme – usually a layout or design for the front end of the website – and plugin displayed in the WordPress gallery is accompanied by individual user reviews, so you know how both will function when put into actual practice.

When it comes to organizational CMS platforms, it is worth the cost to invest in a premium or unique theme for your website. Additionally, unique plugins that enhance your user experience are usually worth the purchase.


Since WordPress is currently the largest blogging and website-building platform in the world, it is vital for you to protect your content from spam attacks. WordPress sites are mostly targeted because there are so many of them available (as any popular CMS platform can attest). Fortunately, many options can keep your CMS safe and secure.

Make sure to invest in a secure theme and consider utilizing a backup service or any other security back-up plugin. There are plenty of options, but make sure to read all the considerations and reviews before deciding to install one. It is also helpful to do occasional backups for your website to your hard drive or local computer, just in case. Since WordPress is used in such large numbers, the options to protect your content are endless.


Numbers are usually on your side when it comes to locating the best SEO consultant or web developer for your new content management system. Many web developers are experts in dealing with WordPress, which means you will have an easier time finding one to utilize. Because of this competition is fierce, and some designers may come cheaper than others who work with proprietary CMS’s. There are also many design firms that specialize in building WordPress websites, leading better knowledge and greater service about the platform.

After you build your website, of course, you are going to need to market it, and that is where SEO comes in. WordPress is the management system of choice for SEO professionals, and most know how to work on the platform. The reason being, WP has various SEO plugins that allow SEO professionals to provide a higher level of support, customization, optimization and user support.


When it comes to website development, we know that not everyone wants to spend all their working time on structuring an online domain. That is why we believe that WordPress is, indeed, an excellent tool for beginners and techs alike.

WordPress is responsive, secure, and highly customizable. In case you are looking for a digital publishing platform with ease of use, try WordPress. It will be a quick win for cultivating better consumer experience.


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