Online Ordering System

Set up your online store and start taking orders within hours


Our state of art solution is built using leading edge technologies and cloud applications, automating all your business processes, from taking, fulfilling and delivering the order up to rewarding loyal customers, engaging with customers and analyzing their transactional behavior

Take Online Orders on any Device

Take orders through a fast, simplified and easy to use web or mobile application. Customers can choose if their order should be delivered at their preferred location or if they are going to pick them up from a specific store and at a specific time. Orders can be paid either online or on delivery. Orders are tracked real time and users are kept aware of the progress either through the web application, the mobile application or even through email and SMS messages. Customers can rate their experience by providing direct feedback once the order is being delivered

Manage and Monitor your
Delivery Agents

Monitor orders that are ready to be dispatched. Assign them to delivery agents either manually or automatically based on sophisticated rules. Assigned orders are viewed through a mobile application, used by each delivery agent, along with the location that should be delivered, the name and phone of the customer and a map with directions on how to get there. Store managers can monitor the progress of each order and the location of each delivery agent or the overall progress of placed orders.

Seamless POS Integration

Orders that were placed online will automatically appear in your POS, with no additional steps or effort. Our platform provides strong integration capabilities and can directly interact with any POS or any other mission critical system that you might be using therefore minimizing your costs and making you more efficient.


Get our online food ordering solution and start taking orders within hours.


Reward Loyal Customers

Customers can be rewarded with real money for each of their placed order making them more loyal to the company.  Reward can be applied based on conditions such as the total amount of the order, the items that were ordered, the day and time that the order was placed, the store that the order was placed at, the sales channel that the order was placed and many more. Customers can also be awarded on events such as their birthdays or based on their engagement, for example each time they provide feedback or each time they like a post on social media etc. The awarded cashback can be conditional, meaning that it can be spent on specific products, at specific times and at specific stores.

Engage with your Customers

Use the CRM features provided by our platform to establish a continuous communication and engagement with your customers. Customers can receive notifications regarding the status of their placed orders, any new products that are promoted or any available offers. Customers can also provide feedback just after their order was delivered or picked up. Customers are encouraged to provide this feedback by offering them specific awards. Store managers and business managers can access all this information in real time and act on it, in order to improve their service.

Understand your Business

Transaction data, customer demographic information and customer feedback are blended all together in a powerful yet easy to use data analytics tool where useful customer insights are generated. This information will help you to understand your business, improve your service, become more efficient, increase your customer base and become more profitable.