Mobile App Development

Introduction - How we can help you

Since 2020, LightBlack has been the main shareholder of Withindigits: A company that is specialised in providing mobile solutions and delivering mobile applications.  Working together always brings out the best results.

We design and build high quality, modern and scalable cross platform mobile apps that transform your business’ objectives into meaningful delight ways of engaging and collaborating with your target audiences.

Mobile Apps Development

Explore new ways of doing business by going mobile.  Withindigits knows exactly what it has to be done in order to see your business establishing its presence.  

With a team full of expert technicians, it is only guaranteed that you’ll have your brand’s needs covered.  Build valuable business assets, boost up your digital ecosystem and many more with the help of the best.

Keep in mind that nowadays competition is at high levels and be sure to make this mobile turn, for the good of your business. Be open to suggestions and take a look at the variety of the online ordering solutions we offer. Be one step ahead!

Working together on discovering your business needs

We work closely with you and your team to get to know your business flows and we utilise our passionate team to get to the heart of your business problems in order to design the wright solutions for you.

When it comes to being ahead of the competition, we know exactly what we have to do. From automating your business’ processes to integrating systems, we’ve got your back. Everything is designed around your needs and wants, as we always keep in mind the modern challenging digital age


Building valuable business assets

Building a mobile app might be simple; creating a valuable business tool is way more challenging. The essence of any B2B or B2C mobile product is to design and provide unique user experiences without compromising or changing your way of doing business and to create new channels of engaging with your target audiences, by utilising all the capabilities provided by the different types of mobile devices. We work very hard on setting up the correct strategy for you, taking into consideration all of the above, in order to build a mobile app that will be able to scale up and become one of your most valuable business assets.

You can always rely on us. We are driven by our passion of what we are doing and we are always pleased to offer you our great solutions, in order to see you thriving. 




Promote your brand in the digital marketplace by getting an easy-to-use, professional and pixel-perfect app.​

Boosting up your digital ecosystem

Do you have an existing and rather complex digital ecosystem? No worries, we can seamlessly integrate our mobile apps with any of your existing systems, allowing them to communicate real time and uninterruptedly, with no extra effort from you. You can just lay back and enjoy the flawless outcome.